Membership Plans

The Flexie Bench envisions a global community of businesses and contractors working together to strengthen and build one another, bringing teams together and competing on a level playing field with the giants of industry. We foresee a future for people unable to participate in traditional work environments being able to maximise their employability and expertise online, earning income and joining with virtual teams to support small and medium-sized businesses win larger contracts. 

We are ready, Are you?


The Flexie Bench – Membership Plans

The Flexie Bench membership plans center around you and your needs, whether you are flexie or a client business. Our goal is to make certain all great entrepreneurs find success through the Flexie Bench, regardless of the amount of work they pursue with our services.

The Bronze membership level is our basic entry-level membership for both clients and freelancers. From there, upgrade to either Silver or Gold memberships to increase the features and perks you can access, enhance your Flexie Bench experience and grow your business. Each plan allows you to market your services effectively and stand above the crowd. 

Choose a plan to suit your needs. As your needs change and grow, adapt your plan accordingly – upgrade or downgrade anytime you want! Every plan is auto-renewed and billed monthly, so you never have to hassle with billing reminders, either.


Membership plans for Customers


Membership plans for Flexies